We offer a variety of easel to go with the Granite and Aluma Decor plaques.
The Display Ease easel was created for the florist to display the granite tile (or other keepsakes) in arrangement. The easel is easy to use and allows the keepsake to be secured to the arrangement for easy transporting. It can also be used for displaying the keepsake at home.

  • Cardboard with Adhesive Back

    Cardboard with Adhesive Back (2)

    The cardboard easel allow for the product to stand with the easel or be hung on a wall.
  • Clear Plastic

    Clear Plastic (1)

  • Display Ease Florist Easel & Statue Stand

    Display Ease Florist Easel & Statue Stand (1)

    Anyone who wants to display and secure a plaque, statue, candle or any keepsake, within a floral arrangement will appreciate this product. The easel has points on the bottom that allow you to push it into wet or dry foam and have it stay where you put it. There is an oval shelf that snaps into the easel for statues or candles. Utilizing floral tape you can secure the keepsake in the arrangement when transporting it. The easel comes flat stacked and is easily assembled.
  • Wire Garden

    Wire Garden (1)

    The wire easel was created for the 12" x 12" granite tile. If displayed outside, the wire allows movement in the wind and 2 landscape staples are included to secure it to the ground. Inside, the smooth wire bottom will not scratch flooring.